Pleasanton Junior High School

Pleasanton Homecoming/Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 23: “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” Bring a stuffed animal to school
Wild About being DRUG FREE!
Tuesday, October 24: “Twister Tuesday”: Wear crazy/wacky socks
Sock it to Drugs (for that evening: “Say Boo to Drugs” Pumpkin Carving- Carve your way to being drug free by spending time with your family carving a pumpkin).
Wednesday, October 25: “Which, Witch is Which: Twins Day
Be Like Me; Be DRUG FREE! Project Wisdom Drug Free Lesson- Keeping It Real
Thursday, October 26: “We’re not in Pleasanton anymore”: Dress in a college shirt
Being DRUG FREE takes you places!
Friday, October 27: “The Great and Powerful Oz”: Green and Bling-Eagles Against Drugs