South Texas Invitational CDE Contest

As a team for Area X, Pleasanton FFA placed 12th and 4th in District. The team consisted of Skylar Mitchell, Coy Aldrich, Joe Kortis, and Jacob Moctezuma. On April 17th, the Milk Quality Products team will be competing in the Area X CDE contests at Robstown, Texas.
Today the Dairy Cattle team competed in the Area X Dairy Cattle CDE Contest. As a team for the Greenhand division, Pleasanton FFA placed 4th, which was one point away from receiving a pennant. The teams consisted of Skyler Burchfield, Trey Hagen, Stayton Hagen, Drake Woodlee, and Tristan Barker. Trey Hagen had 4 placings out of the top ten individuals, resulting as the 14th high-point individual.